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Zielone Laki, 19th March

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To whom it may concern:

Mr XXXX worked in ABC Company from 14th of February 2007 to 11th of March 2008 in the position of Recruitment Consultant of Human Resources in the International Recruitment Department. In this particular department Mr XXXX had also successfully finished his internship which last from February to April 2007.

Mr XXXX main duties included: recruitment and selection of candidates trying to find employment as blue – collar workers as well as technical professionals and construction managers. Mr XXXX was responsible for interviews, language skills tests, psychological and personality tests, all processed in English. Moreover he was dealing with customer service and administration tasks.

Mr XXXX was very eager to work and took his responsibilities very seriously. He established an excellent raport with the staff and the candidates he interviewed. At all times I found Mr XXXX to be very cooperative , resourceful and enthusiastic person. He also displayed qualities of patience and gentleness that are so important in dealing with people being stressed and nervous while taking psychological and languages tests. Mr XXXX easily managed to adept to a new and fast paced work environment and was eager to find out about new company projects and plans.

I believe Mr XXXX has the skill and disposition to be a fine recruitment consultant and I shall recommend him to any recruitment company.

Department Manager

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